John Tory Radio show
Dr. Jugenburg spoke on the John Tory Radio show on NewsTalk 1010 about breast reconstruction options, and awareness of breast reconstruction now that Angelina Jolie came out to publicly admit to having had breast reconstruction
news radio 650 interview
Dr. Jugenburg was interviewed by NewsTalk 650 about breast cancer reconstruction that Angelina Jolie recently underwent
breast cancer reconstruction toronto edge
Dr. Jugenburg is a supporter of Cancer Reconstruction and has attended the June event for Pink & Teal in support of cancer survivors. Dr. Jugenburg offers reconstructive surgery, particularly breast cancer reconstruction and skin cancer reconstruction procedures.
Breast augmentation deals GlobalTV interview March 1 2012 edge
March 2012 GlobalTV interview about a new website for cosmetic surgery deals. Dr. Jugenburg was asked about his opinion about this site. Bottom line: when patients seek out cosmetic surgery, they want the best, not the cheapest.
Brazilian Butt Lift Elevate Magazine 2012 edge
January 2012 Elevate Magazine featured an article on Dr. Jugenburg's work on Brazilian Butt Lift. It is the the number #1 searched procedure for 2011!! Up 39% over last year and continuing into 2012
Dr. Jugenburg was the ringside surgeon for the UFC140 event in Toronto on Dec 10, 2011 edge
Dec 10, 2011 Ultimate Fighting Championship 140 Dr. Jugenburg was selected to be the ringside surgeon for this premiere mixed martial arts tournament which was held in Toronto.
Dr. Martin Jugenburg explaining different Breast reconstruction options edge
Oct 19, 2011 Global TV Web-Special on Breast Reconstructive Options. Dr. Jugenburg explains the latest advances in Breast Reconstruction techniques
Dr. Martin Jugenburg talking about the Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day edge
Oct 19, 2011 Global TV Evening News talking about Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day. Dr. Jugenburg and Dr. Laura Snell of Sunnybrook Health Sciences Center in Toronto talk about Breast Cancer Reconstruction
CTV Bra day interview edge
Oct 18, 2011 CTV News talking about Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day. Dr. Martin Jugenburg explains that only 9% of Canadian women who undergo mastectomy end up with a breast reconstruction and that more patient education is required to make women aware of their breast reconstruction options and that the surgery is covered by health care.
Dr. Jugenburg Featured in Sept/Oct 2011 issue of Elevate edge
Elevate Magazine (Sept/Oct 2011)

Breast reconstruction feature talking about the options patients have after a mastectomy. Dr. Jugenburg's before and after breast reconstruction pictures were showcased. (click on the image to read the story)
Brazilian Butt Lift article in the Toronto Sun edge
The Toronto Sun (Sept 27 2010)
Getting a Shapelier Butt. Brazilian Butt Lift and it's increasing popularity and the rising interest in a larger more curvaceous butt, butt enlargement.
Safety of Silicone Breast Implants edge
The Toronto Sun (July 18/2011)

Discussing the latest FDA report on Silicone Breast Implants, and safety of breast augmentation
Silicone Breast Implant article edge
24 (July 18/2011)

Discussing the latest FDA report on Silicone Breast Implants, and safety of breast augmentation
Men and Plastic Cosmetic Surgery Toronto edge
The Toronto Star (May 2011)

Men and cosmetic surgery. Botox, Male Breast Reduction and other topics.
Botox Fillers will replace Facelifts edge
The Globe and Mail

The use of Botox and Fillers is slowing down facial aging. If properly applied, it may make facelifts redundant in the future.
Braziliang Butt lift and other cosmetic surgery procedures profiled on CTV Etalk edge
CTV Etalk

Filmed performing the Brazilian Butt Lift, and discussing the various nips and tucks celebrities undergo in preparation for the Oscar night
Mike Bullard Show about Brazilian Butt Lifts Toronto edge
Mike Bullard Show News 1010

Discussing Brazilian Butt Lift and various other cosmetic surgery procedures performed by Dr. Martin Jugenburg. A view from the lighter side with Mike Bullard
Dr. Martin Jugenburg Interview in NewsTabulous about Brazilian Butt Lifts edge
Feb 28, 2011
Newtabulous article on Brazilian Butt Lifts by Kate Hoekstra
Jerry Agar Show on Teens and Plastic Surgery Toronto edge
Jerry Agar News 1010

Teens and Plastic Surgery. Discussing the recent Globe and Mail article on the increase in Plastic Surgeries in teens
GlobalTV news report on Brazilian Butt Lift in Toronto edge
Global TV (Sept 2010)

Performed Brazilian Butt Lift procedure on the national TV, talking about the sharp rise in the interest in butt enlargement.
Cosmetic Plastic Surgery for Women in Toronto edge
More Magazine

Aesthetic procedures for middle aged women. Botox, fillers, brazilian butt lift and fat grafting
Martin Jugenburg Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon Toronto edge
Today's Toronto Online News

Question and Answer session with Nicky Satel from Today's Toronto, talking about Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery