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Gynecomastia is overdevelopment of the male breast. The glandular tissue of the breast swells, usually in response to an excess of the female hormone estrogen or a lack of testosterone, a male hormone. It occurs in babies, teen boys, and older men.
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Am I a Candidate for Surgery?

Any male who is in otherwise good health but has enlarged breast tissue causing him embarrassment is a good candidate for this surgery. If your breast enlargement is caused by a medical condition, this condition should be treated first before undergoing the surgery.

When gynecomastia develops in older males, it is usually caused by another condition, such as liver or lung cancer, cirrhosis of the liver, overactive thyroid, or by hormone problems, such as cancer of the pituitary gland, adrenal glands, or testicles. Alcohol, marijuana, methamphetamine, and heroin use also may cause gynecomastia.

Use of certain medicines may also cause gynecomastia, including:
  • Steroids
  • Medicines used to treat ulcers (such as cimetidine)
  • Medicines used to treat epilepsy (such as phenytoin Dilantin])
  • Digitalis and other heart medicines
  • Chemotherapy drugs
  • Antiandrogen drugs (such as flutamide, cyproterone, and spironolactone)
  • Antianxiety and antidepressant medicines (such as diazepam Valium] and tricyclic antidepressants)
  • Products containing tea tree oil or lavender oil

What is Gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia is the enlargement of the breast in a male. The term derived from the Greek "gyne" meaning "woman" and "mastos" meaning "breast". Gynecomastia is documented to have been around even at the time of Egyptean Pharaohs.

Does exercise help Gynecomastia?

Exercise burns fat and tones muscles. With exercise - related weight loss, your gynecomastia can sometimes become more obvious. Gynecomastia is due to excess breast gland tissue, which is not made of fat and does not melt away with exercise. Thus as you loose fat off your chest, the residual breast gland tissue may now become more obvious. In such cases, surgical removal of the gland tissue may be your best treatment option to safely and permanently remove the breast gland tissue.

Is Gynecomastia Covered by OHIP?

OHIP covers only medically necessary procedures. If you have a medical issues because of Gynecomastia, you are eligible for OHIP coverage to have excess breast gland tissue cut out. Cosmetic contouring of the chest is not and OHIP eligible procedure and additional charges will apply.

Male Breast Reduction Surgery (Gynecomastia Surgery)

Gynecomastia reduction is a procedure to reduce and excise excess breast and fat tissue from male breasts. At Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute, Dr. Jugenburg specializes in a minimal scarring technique that leaves only an inconspicuous scar, unlike the traditional techniques which required an incision around the nipple. This is a technique developed to improve on the existing surgery
  • Smaller, hidden scars
  • Quicker recovery
  • Lower risk of bleeding after surgery
  • Better cosmetic appearance
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Traditional Gynecomastia Surgery

The traditional technique for gynecomastia uses a cut around the areola to open up the skin and remove the underlying breast gland tissues. This procedure is designed to remove breast gland mostly, and a little bit of fat. Although the procedure is not complex and generally very safe, after the surgery you have to avoid exercise and physical strain for two weeks in order to minimize the risk of developing bleeding in the surgical site and to allow for the skin to heal nicely.

Scarless Gynecomastia Surgery

The new technique in Gynecomastia is to use liposuction through a tiny incision towards the armpit. The primary advantage of this technique is that it leaves no scars on the breast. This technique is ideal for male breast enlargement that is mostly due to excess fat. This technique can also be used to remove breast gland tissue when liposuction cannulas designed specifically for gynecomastia are used.
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Gynecomastia Surgery Outcomes

You can expect a significant reduction in the volume of your breast. If you had significantly enlarged breasts, you may be left with excess skin that will not shrink with time and will require excision.
Following surgery you will experience discomfort and tightness around your chest which will resolve over time. You may also find that your chest skin and nipples are numb. This usually resolves over time.

Gynecomastia Complications

Male Breast Reduction is a surgical procedure. Like all surgical procedures, there are general risks. During your consultation you will have the opportunity to talk to Dr. Jugenburg and review the risks and benefits of gynecomastia surgery.
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Male Breast Reduction Gynecomastia

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