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Fillers Treatments in Toronto

Fillers are various substances that are used to 'fill' problematic areas. Most popular fillers include Restylane, Perlane, Juvederm, Voluma, and Teosyal. The main ingredient of these fillers is hyaluronic acid, a substance also naturally present in the human skin, with the important ability to attract and bind to water molecules to help maintain volume. The hyaluronic acid in your body plays an important role in the firmness of your skin, the shape of your features and the lubrication of your joints. It is used to plump up lips, cheeks, to fill in deep wrinkles and to contour the face in a non-surgical manner. Hyaluronic acid is a common ingredient in skin-care products. In 2003, the FDA approved Hyaluronic acid injections for filling soft tissue defects such as facial wrinkles.

Injected hyaluronic acid can help correct wrinkles and enhance facial features by adding volume to the facial tissue. The hyaluronic acid in Restylane is produced from a non-animal source and closely resembles your body's natural hyaluronic acid.

Hyaluronic acid works well for cosmetic and plastic surgery applications because hyaluronic acid can absorb up to 1,000 times its own weight in water, thereby adding new volume under the surface of sagging skin. Older faces take on more youthful aspects because hyaluronic acid is known to bind with collagen—the material that supports human facial skin—and elastin to move more basic nutrients into the skin.

Researchers found that hyaluronic acid stretches cells in skin known as fibroblasts in a way that causes the skin to create new collagen. The new collagen helps decrease the appearance of facial creases and wrinkles. According to the same study, hyaluronic acid also seems to stop the breakdown of existing collagen.
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Benefits of Hyaluronic Acid based fillers:

  • Provides instant improvement in treated areas
  • Quick and easy procedure, there is no downtime (take less than 20 minutes in and out)
  • Natural enlargement of lips
  • Lifts and fills skin to correct signs of aging
  • Fills in deep wrinkles to soften them or to erase them completely
  • Contours the jawline to correct jowls
  • Sculpts the face
  • Temporary effects which can be easily corrected if you are unsatisfied with the results. The product is reversible and degradeable.
  • Soft, mouldable compound which can be moulded to fit any facial contour
  • Proven safe and effective, approved by Health Canada.

Filler treatments

  • Small amounts of Filler are injected directly into your skin using a fine needle. To minimize discomfort Dr. Jugenburg uses a unique tool to minimize or virtually remove and discomfort during your treatment
  • After any injection, you may experience swelling, redness, pain, itching, discolouration, and tenderness. If this occurs, it will typically last less than a week.
  • Exact duration of effect depends on many factors including the treatment area and type of filler used. Dr. Jugenburg will explain in detail what you can expect from your treatment.
  • Duration depends on factors like the individual’s skin type, lifestyle and age. After the initial treatment, follow-up sessions are normally recommended around every 6 to 12 months depending on the individual and the treatment. A treatment of the lips lasts about 6 months.
Hyaluronic acid is a substance that is naturally occurring in many tissues of the human body. It is a large molecule that acts like a sponge and sucks up water which makes the filler swell up with water and gives it its volume. This hydrates the skin, acts like a cushion. Eventually the Hyaluronic Acid molecule is absorbed by your body and disappears. Results last from 3 months in very mobile areas (such as lips) to up to a year in regions such as the cheeks which do not move a lot.

Many different companies produce Hyaluronic acid - based fillers. They all use the same molecule but vary in the way these molecules are stabilized and packed together. This impacts on how long the filler lasts and what consistency it has (more jelly like vs more granular feel). Below are Hyaluronic Acid - based fillers offered to our patients at the Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute. Our staff will assess your needs and recommend which particular injectable filler is best suited to fit your needs.

Facial Fillers Offered at the Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute

Many options are available in facial fillers, with clinical differences being predominantly governed by how long the effects last, as well as how the filler “feels”. Generally speaking, very soft fillers (that are best for locations such as the lips) tend to have a shorter duration of effect, while fillers that last longer tend to have more structure and are better suited in regions where they will not be palpable (such as the nasolabial folds).
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Restylane is a clear, non-animal based gel that is injected into the skin with a fine needle to enhance skin contours and smooth lines. Restylane was the first stabilized hyaluronic acid filler on the market and reportedly has been used in over 11 million treatments worldwide by 2010.


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Perlane is a thicker formulation of Restylane. It is used for deeper injections, to add volume to areas such as cheeks and chin, and to fill in deeper folds. Perlane, like Restylane, is a dermal filler and is a long-lasting gel that, once injected into the skin with an ultra-fine needle, lift and add volume and help diminsh fine lines.


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Juvederm is one of the newer fillers. It contains Hyaluronic acid in a smooth consistency gel. Treatments are similar to other Hyaluronic acid fillers and Dr. Jugenburg will recommend in which situations Juvederm is superior over other injectable fillers


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Voluma is a thicker, longer lasting formulation of Juvederm. Like Perlane it is used to add large amount of volume and is used for deeper injections.


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Teosyal is a European based Hyaluronic Acid filler. It is a 100% non-animal based ingredient that is biodegradable and completely biocompatible with human hyaluronic acid. This high concentration of hyaluronic acid results in a durable, long lasting effect.

Fat injections

Fat injections offer permanent results and are 100% natural as your own fat is used. Fat injection can be used for all the same indications as Hyaluronic acid fillers. Unlike other fillers, this is a more expensive and more extensive procedure that will leave some bruising and swelling.

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