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  • Truly wipe years off your face
  • Dr. Jugenburg performs a minimally invasive Facelift Technique able to deliver dramatic results while decreasing risks associated with more complex facelift procedures
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Benefits of a Facelift Surgery

With the aging process, there is loss of elasticity of the skin, decreased muscle tone, and loss of fatty tissue immediately beneath the facial skin. Whatever fat remains descends with gravity to create deep folds and jowls, loose hanging skin.

A facelift well planned and well executed facelift will truly take years off your face. It can wipe years off your face, make you look refreshed and energetic without looking fake and overdone. It results in the elimination of facial wrinkles, the repositioning and tightening of sagging skin and facial fat. You will also find that your neck is much improved, and your jaw line is better defined.

The results can be dramatic and last far longer than those of minimally invasive procedures -- years rather than months. So it is no wonder that last year in the United States 125 000 facelift procedures were performed by Plastic Surgeons. Canadian statistics are not available but it would be reasonable to guess that in Canada 1/10 or 12 500 facelift were performed.

Dr. Jugenburg performs facelift surgery to improve the appearance of the lower two-thirds of the face and the neck. He often combines eyelid surgery with a face lift for a complete facial rejuvenation.

Dr. Jugenburg's Facelift Technique

Dr. Jugenburg performs a minimally invasive facelift technique which he combines with neck liposuction and fat grafting to add volume to the face if necessary. The technique Dr. Jugenburg uses has the lowest risk of injury to the facial nerve, least amount of surgical swelling and bruising, while effectively erasing years off your face. In less than 5 days you can be up and about as if you never had surgery.

All our facelift patients stay at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel overnight and are seen the following morning before being released to go home. We offer the Royal York Hotel to our facelift patients to allow for better and safer recovery, and making the following day's post-surgical visit more convenient - in your room! Having our staff visit you in your hotel room the following day is not only more convenient for you, but is also less straining on your system as compared to you having to drive back to the clinic for your check up.

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Recovery After Facelift Surgery

After surgery you will have a tight bandage around your face. It is designed to apply pressure to the face to minimize the risk of bleeding, the most common complication after this surgery. You will be asked to avoid any activities that raise your blood pressure. Swelling and bruising will be most noticeable after the first day and will slowly subside after that. You should avoid any strenuous physical activity for two weeks. If you work in an office setting, you should be able to return to work after a few days.

What are the risks of a Facelift?

Facelift is a surgical procedure. Like all surgical procedures, there are general risks. Please read our information page on potential risks. With regards to facelifts, there are special considerations that need to be taken into account. These include injury to any one of the branches of the facial muscles, numbness, bleeding, and breakdown of facial skin. These complications are rare, and usually resolve without leaving you with any long-lasting abnormalities. In extremely rare cases you may need additional surgery to ensure ideal results.

Short scar facelift

This Toronto patient underwent a short scar facelift, neck tightening, and a small amount of neck liposuction. Her neck and jawline are smoother, more youthful looking. Overall skin complexion has a more radiant glow after the surgery.
The Short Scar Facelift is ideal for patients who do not require excessive skin tightening.

To read more, look at our Facelift FAQs

Facelift Before and After Photos

These are actual patients of Dr. Jugenburg who underwent a facelift surgery using Dr. Jugenburg's minimally invasive surgical technique. This procedure takes about two hours and following about an hour in our recovery room, these patients were then released to their hotel rooms at the Royal York Hotel where they spent the night recovering in the comfort of a luxurious hotel room, while being only a short walk down the hall from our offices.
Facelift necklift toronto surgeon patient
This patient told us she used to be offered senior discounts in stores. The day before coming in for her after photo, she was at a store where the usually offer her a senior discount. This time she had to ask for it.
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The patient above is in her early 50s and wanted correction of her jawline and neck. A facelift and neck tightening creates a more youthful appearance
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This patient in her mid 60s wanted to look younger. A combination of a facelift, neck lift and neck liposuction created a result that clearly erased years off her face.
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Face and neck tightening to address loose neck skin and jowls.
Facelift, neck lift. How many years younger do you think this patient looks? She loves her new refreshed look. She get compliments and looks she hasn't had in a while

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