Photo Gallery of Dr. Martin Jugenburg's work

When choosing your doctor, your first selection criteria is to ensure that your surgeons is Plastic Surgeon certified by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. This means that the surgeon has gone through years of rigorous training in Plastic Surgery and has passed the qualification exams. The next step is to select your Plastic Surgeon who specializes in the particular procedure that you are looking for. Plastic Surgery is a vast subspecialty encompassing the entire body except for the heart, the lungs, and the brain. Finally, looking at before and after pictures will allow you to see the surgeon's work. We all perform our surgeries slightly differently and our results are slightly different.

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(Please note we do not post all our pictures online. For a complete photo gallery, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Jugenburg at the Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute)

Dr. Martin Jugenburg
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