Toronto Buttock Augmentation / Buttock Enlargement

Gluteal (Buttock) Augmentation a surgical procedure to enlarge the butt area. This is applicable especially in women (and men) who lacks adequate butt fat or just want larger butt than what they have. To achieve this goal the buttocks are enlarged with the insertion of butt implants through an incision in the crease between the butt cheeks. These butt implants are made out of soft medical grade silicone. Butt implants, however, are not breast implants.

Timing and Approach to Buttock Augmentation Surgery

Buttock augmentation procedures should be considered in patients who have flat-appearing buttocks and wish more projection.
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Butt Implant Surgery

The butt implant surgery takes about two hours and does not require you to stay in hospital afterwards. During this procedure you will be asleep, lying on your stomach. A small cut is made between the butt cheeks to allow the insertion of the implants. Dr. Jugenburg places the implants under the Gluteus Maximus (butt cheek muscle). The placement is carefully guided by markings which Dr. Jugenburg makes prior to the surgery.
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Butt Implants Toronto edge
Once the surgery is completed you are turned onto your back and awakened and then transferred to the recovery room. Once you are fully away, the nurse will ask you to turn and lie on your stomach to avoid any prolonged pressure on your butt. You will be wearing a compression garment to held the implants in place and prevent them from being pushed out of place, and to prevent any fluid collections. You will have surgical drains which Dr. Jugenburg will removed on your next postoperative visit in clinic.

Recovery after Butt Augmentation

It is normal to have pain and discomfort during the first days after your surgery. We will give you strong pain killers to help you relax and sleep. After a few days you will feel much better and you will be able to switch over to simple Tylenol or Advil. A tight compression garment is used to minimize swelling and hold the implants in place. You will be asked to wear this at all times for the first few weeks.
You will have swelling and bruising which you can be treated with prescribed pain medication and ice packs. Your stitches will be removed in about 14 days. It is very important that you do not move around too quickly as this can cause the incision to break open.

You should plan on taking it easy for two weeks, and sleeping on your stomach during this time. You should be able to return to regular activities after two weeks, but avoid vigorous exercise for six weeks.

While the improvement in your butt can be seen immediately, your buttocks will continue to appear more normal as the muscle stretches and heals for up to three months after your surgery.

About the Butt Augmentation

Butt implants are made of soft, solid silicone. They are placed above the sitting area for best cosmetic result and therefore you never actually sit on them.

There are various ways Butt Implant surgery is performed. Dr. Jugenburg places an incision in the crease between the butt cheeks and then a space is made under the gluteal muscles where the butt implants are inserted. Stitches are then used o close the incision and a garment that provides compression to the buttocks is applied to help reduce pain and swelling.

During this procedure you will be completely asleep, under general anesthesia. Once you are fully awake and stable, our recovery nurse will assess you to make sure you are safe to be released, and you will be able to leave our facility and go home. You should have someone come and pick you up and stay with you overnight.

Results of Buttock Augmentation / Buttock Enlargement

You will have an enlarged and improved contour to your buttocks. You will be more confident and comfortable in clothing, especially sportswear and jeans. You will have a more natural and presentable appearance in the first week that will improve over the next 3 to 6 months.

The Best Candidates For Buttock Augmentation / Buttock Enlargement

Those patients who desire a more youthful appearance by correcting flattened buttocks. Patients with excess and sagging folds of skin after weight loss. Candidates are people who are looking for improvement, not perfection in the way they look. If you're physically healthy, psychologically stable, and realistic in your expectations, you may be a good candidate.

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