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Cosmetic Gynecologic Surgery In Toronto

Cosmetic surgery procedures for women aged 18 years or over who wish to improve their sexual appearance or function.

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Some of the Unique Procedures Offered at the Clinic

Although not much talked about, these procedures are very popular and lead to very satisfying results. For a private, confidential consultation in safe and quiet environment, please call us at 416-834-6640.

Countless number of women have labia that are enlarged causing discomfort and embarrasment. They do not realize that simple and safe procedure is available to them that will reduce the size of their labia.

Labia trim Labiaplasty

Labioplasty or labial reduction in Toronto may improve a your self esteem and general happiness by reducing the size of the labia to limit the protrusion of the labia minora. Removing excess skin will expose parts of the genitalia that are responsive to sexual activity, and may increase the chance of sexual gratification.

Vaginal Rejuvenation

Rather than commit to an odd and futile Kegel exercise regimen, put the passion back into your sex life with a vaginal tightening surgery at Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute. Decreasing the size of the vaginal canal and the vaginal opening increases the feeling of tightness and friction and may increase the chance of sexual gratification.

Hymen Reconstruction

For some women, it is important that their hymen be intact while unmarried due to cultural, religious, social or ethnic reasons. The hymen can rupture for many different reason and thus create potential problems for some women. Hymen restoration surgery allows free ends of the hymen to be stitched together to reconstruct the hymen membrane.

Dr. Jugenburg as an Expert

Dr. Jugenburg is a well known and respected Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon. Although well known for his Breast and Body Contouring procedures, Dr. Jugenburg is also known as an expert on Female Genital Cosmetic Surgery. Dr. Jugenburg has been invited to lecture at the prestigious Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Symposium on this very topic. Click here to see some of Dr. Jugenburg's lecture on Cosmetic Gynecologic Surgery
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